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I hope you are very well, by His grace.

Here the projects are steadily growing and i am very happy to grow with them along with the sisters and brothers involved... Such an interesting life!

I have some good news i wanted to share with you about the last donation, you remember, Antola Fondation helped our group of Fulani women to build their shelter for multipurposal devices (mills, welding post, etc).
Well, they are doing fantastic work and here are some pictures i took lastly.
Hope you enjoy!

Please take good care,

By His grace


Disaster Relief in the Philippines



Rural Development Project in Burkina Faso

This is a request from Burkina Faso for a Microdonation from Foundation Emanuele Antola:

Rural Development

Project description:
Our center is situated just at the edge of the artificial lake of Bissiri, deep in the country side of Burkina Faso, 45 kilometers south of the capital, Ouagadougou.
The region is extremely poor, with high rate of unemployment, dirt roads, no electricity, bore holes as a source of water, mud brick huts as shelter and more than 80% people illiterate. People traditionally make their living by growing their own food and rearing cattle for the most fortunate.

We have 4 hectares of land divided in two plots and 3 buildings. The main structure is a dormitory style building, another big store room houses our cereal bank, and a two room building has become a small clinic. The land was given by the community who expect us to assist in their development by creating employment and helping them satisfy their basic necessities of life.

• Farming and trainings:
Five families are currently living and working here. We grow vegetables and have a papaya, citrus and mango orchard. We have installed some irrigation system to improve the production and income generation through vegetable production in dry season when the prices go up.
We are introducing organic techniques and different programs included several successful demonstration projects and community mobilization campaigns (i.e. tippy tap school programs, watershed practices, agro forestry and groundwater recharge). Now the production and distribution of organic crops is slowly being organized at the community level. We are aiming at forming a producer cooperative in future.

• Bee Keeping Project
We established a bee keeping project with 7 hives and the material for collecting honey. The aim is to show the community an example of a low budget economic activity.

• Bakery

New Central Heating for the kids

As part of the Microdonations program, Foundation Emanuele Antola sponsored a much needed improvement to the Domnesti Center in Romania.

The local AMURT chapter received US 1,000 on 21st February 2010, for the purchase of one new central heating.

The new heating system was purchased on 24th February, amount of RON 9,727.80 (US 3,040).

Nile River School

Project Report for Emanuele Antola Foundation

Project name: Nile River School

Website: not yet

Funding received: $1000

Project Report:

We have now good drinkable water! Beside the electric pump we have also a hand pump in case electricity is unavailable. The electric pump is not fixed at the new building for the time being because we cannot live there yet as the construction is going on. But the pump stays at the neighbors and is brought to our land when needed. Instead of plastic filter we got stainless steel filter which should be working better.

Financial Report:

Drilling 30m water hole …………..…………….$ 250

Pipes and stainless steel filter…..…………….$ 150

Italian electric pump ………………………………..$ 420

Handpump and piping ………..$ 200

Total ……………………………………………………… $ 1020

Thanking you very much for this valuable contribution.

Didi Anandarama, project coordinator

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