Mobile Zirak supports Eco-volunteers

Micro-donations for a better world

Mobile Zirak donate 10% of the revenues in favour of environmental projects developed by non-profit associations in the whole world. The 2009 donations are supporting the Environmental Programs in Haiti developed by "Amurt Haiti", through "Amurt Italia".


The Earth, the environment, the nature are suffering: buying our applications you can give a small contribution to support who is implementing the projects in the field. Your micro-help can become big if joined to those of others!

“If we're dreaming alone, this remains a dream.
If we're dreaming together, our dream becomes a reality!”

(Don Helder Camara)

Donations of 2009 - Haiti Environmental Programs

Haiti has suffered for decades from uncontrolled environmental degradation, which has resulted in severe rates of soil erosion, cyclone impact, tree cover loss, and species' stress. Amurt Haiti has consistently followed a development strategy of environmental restoration in the area of Anse Rouge through community empowerment and education.

Zirak s.r.l. with EasyTrails GPS, PhotoGallery, DocumentScanner and Autovelox Plus is helping Amurt Haiti to implement:

  • community tree nurseries,
  • development of a sustainable agriculture demonstration site in the village of Ti Place,
  • environmental educations programs in the local communities, focusing on alternative technologies.

Thank to your help, Amurt Haiti can continue their work in the field!

How it works?

Every time a user purchase an iPhone's software, one part remains at Apple, while the remaining is given to the Software House who did it.

Zirak s.r.l. committed to donate 10% of its revenues to non-profit entities of small dimensions in the whole world, that are working to implement environmental sustainability projects. The choice of the association will be meticulous and will make use of international partners (istitutions that are not receiving money for this service) that will moreover verify that 100% of the donation will benefit the project, without losing money “on the way”, as always is happening in donations to bigger dimension projects.

Can I donate indipendently?

Yes: in a short time a PayPal account will be opened to receive donations of small amounts without paying high commissions; the amount will be added to the monthly donations and the donor will be kept informed about the single financed project or of the entire micro-funding project.

Why micro-donations instead of a single project?

As it's happening in the micro-credit, the funding with small amounts of money allows the development of small size projects, that are usually excluded from traditional funding entities.

Official statistics shows that success in reduced dimension projects is much higher than in big projects, where a considerable part of the investment is lost in bureaucracy, structure management, and costs not directly connected with the pursued aim. On the other side, in small scale projects, the presence of active volunteers, the need of smaller fundings to implement actions, and the smaller amounts of money involved prevents potential temptations for improper money usage.

Which apps are now supporting Micro-Donations?

All the apps from Zirak Mobile (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia,...) are giving 10% to non-profit environmental and social projects.

Increasing the visibility of the Foundation

More pictures! More friends! More feedback!

One of the questions I hear when I talk about Emanuele Antola Foundation is who is Emanuele Antola? Somewhere in the website there is a nice answer. Today at almost five years from its starts the Foundation is taking a shape beyond the name it carries. We adopted a model of Microdonations and we are giving them to deserving projects.

We are receiving proposals for funding and we wish to receive more of them. We are approaching professional fund raisers and evaluating their proposals. We are moving out from the comfort position of a restricted circle of friends and opening to the public. Is it possible to benefit thousands of projects with Microdonations?

I believe yes but at the condition that we start receiving donations ourself. It is not possible to give out more then it comes in. It is a simple equation. The capital has been secured for the sake of growing, not for the sake of hoarding. We need to grow. We need to be more visible and we need the help from people who think like us, not for their personal interest but in the interest of those who have less.

So we need more pictures, we need more friends, we need more feedback. We need relationships that nurture themselves. Doing good is not enough, we have to learn how to do it better in a coordinated way.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

Livio Antola

Why is there need for a new model for global development work?

As David Rieff puts on his book “A Bed for the Night: Humanitarianism in Crisis”, “The humanitarian world emerged saddened and chastened from the 1990s”. H. Roy Williams, the former overseas operations director of the IRC, summed it up well when he declared flatly: “Humanitarian organizations are not capable of dealing with the crises we see around us.” (Rieff, 2002)

I have worked with emergency relief and development for the last 23 years, and I have observed personally that we have made little progress (if any) in reducing hunger and alieviating poverty in the world. There are many good people who dedicate their lives to this work. There are many well funded relief agencies active in this field throughout the world. Every major government has their own agency and invests considerable amount of resources to this end. Private individuals, well funded private foundations, and concerned businesses donate and contribute to the cause. As for focused results, present technologies enable information and materials to be allocated and to be delivered throughout the planet in a short period of time. Yet in spite of all of these resources and people, there are still millions of people starving, without shelter nor medical assistance. Furthermore, as developing countries continue to experiment exponential population growth, the situation is getting worse and not better.

Africa / Community Infrastructure

In the Sahel where we are working there is no electricity. But we really felt it was important to show the locals the videos we have done with them, to show some educational documentaries about all the issues we are dealing with (AIDS, hygiene, female genital mutilation,...). Plus we needed some device to use our small solar panel in order to charge our small electrical devices (mobiles, cameras,..). 

Thanks to Antola foundation we got a generator, a (second hand) projector, a voltage regulator, a transformator, a small battery and a few electrical accessories (extension wire, plugs,...).

Our first projection took place in Déou the 20th of August 2010, we showed our N'diawe participatory video with the locals,  a lots of pictures  and "kirikou and the sorceres" for the children. Everyone was very very happy about the new improvement. Thanks a lot to the donors!


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