Myanmar Cyclone Emergency - school uniforms distribution

Myanmar (Burma) was hit hard by cyclone Nargis on May 3, 2008. It was the worst natural disaster in East Asia since the tsunami of 2004. Most of the 25,000 known deaths occurred in the southern Irrawaddy river delta region. Unofficial estimates put the deaths at 100.000+.

Officials said the majority of people were killed by a tidal surge 12 ft (3.5m) high. Towns in the Irrawaddy delta were completely flooded and approximately 1,5 million people were made homeless. The old capital Rangoon was without electricity and received enormous damage to is infrastructure.

Our partner organization, AMURT, had volunteer teams on the ground and sent in overseas experts and coordinators. In the first phase distribution of food and medicine was AMURT's immediate priority. AMURT's tried and tested system of making assessment on a family by family basis effectively identified the most vulnerable sectors of the society.

Foundation Emanuele Antola granted a Microdonation to finance the distribution of school uniforms by AMURT to the children affected by the May 3rd, 2008 Cyclone in Myanmar (Burma).

Below is the letter received from the Project Manager.

AMURT continues to work in the area and we are still accepting donations to our Bank Account or online by clicking on the button below.

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