Africa / Community Infrastructure

In the Sahel where we are working there is no electricity. But we really felt it was important to show the locals the videos we have done with them, to show some educational documentaries about all the issues we are dealing with (AIDS, hygiene, female genital mutilation,...). Plus we needed some device to use our small solar panel in order to charge our small electrical devices (mobiles, cameras,..). 

Thanks to Antola foundation we got a generator, a (second hand) projector, a voltage regulator, a transformator, a small battery and a few electrical accessories (extension wire, plugs,...).

Our first projection took place in Déou the 20th of August 2010, we showed our N'diawe participatory video with the locals,  a lots of pictures  and "kirikou and the sorceres" for the children. Everyone was very very happy about the new improvement. Thanks a lot to the donors!