Increasing the visibility of the Foundation

More pictures! More friends! More feedback!

One of the questions I hear when I talk about Emanuele Antola Foundation is who is Emanuele Antola? Somewhere in the website there is a nice answer. Today at almost five years from its starts the Foundation is taking a shape beyond the name it carries. We adopted a model of Microdonations and we are giving them to deserving projects.

We are receiving proposals for funding and we wish to receive more of them. We are approaching professional fund raisers and evaluating their proposals. We are moving out from the comfort position of a restricted circle of friends and opening to the public. Is it possible to benefit thousands of projects with Microdonations?

I believe yes but at the condition that we start receiving donations ourself. It is not possible to give out more then it comes in. It is a simple equation. The capital has been secured for the sake of growing, not for the sake of hoarding. We need to grow. We need to be more visible and we need the help from people who think like us, not for their personal interest but in the interest of those who have less.

So we need more pictures, we need more friends, we need more feedback. We need relationships that nurture themselves. Doing good is not enough, we have to learn how to do it better in a coordinated way.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

Livio Antola