Help Improve a Health Centre in India!

Funding Request - 2011

The Abha Seva Sadan Multitherapy Health Centre is located near Bokaro, India

It is a charitable rural health care project, combining
multi-disciplinary conventional and alternative medical outpatient
services with health education programmes in the villages of the

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What is our request?
Approximate 200 feet of our compound boundary is a temporary fence of 2-3 lines of barbed wire and cement or wooden posts. In many places this fence is breaking apart and no longer offering protection of our compound (incl. the medicinal and nutritional herb garden against cows, goats, dogs, etc. With $1,000 we would be able to replace approximate 150 feet of this fence with a stronger permanent one consisting of 5 rather than 3 lines of barbed wire and thicker concrete posts.

New fence needed