Baan Dada Children’s Home and Community Services

This project aims to collect rainwater during rainy season for the use of the children’s home in Huay Malai Sangklaburi, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Program Director: Ricardo Zoleta

Baan Dada Children’s Home and Community Services
In Coordination with the Neo-Humanist Foundation

P.O Box 49, Sangklaburi, Kanchanaburi, 71240, Thailand

Tel: 034-688-037
Cell: 083-310-6058
Email: dadaramakrishna@gmail.com
Website: www.baandada.org

Total Grant Requested:
Total Project Cost: - Thai Baht (U.S. $1,000 -)

Project Name: Rain Water collection Project

Statement of Problem:

Sangklaburi, a north western part of Thailand, has almost six months of rainy season. This is due to the lush rain forest near the borders of Burma. Currently, Baan Dada Children’s Home has no rain water collection system for residential consumption. The buildings of the children’s home itself has a big roofing to collect enough rain water for use but due to lack of fund we could not install such a system.

Project Scope and Approach:

The project aims to install roof gutters on three buildings of the children’s home, and collect this water in tanks. The installation of roof gutters are to be sub contracted and the installation of pipes, filter systems, and tanks will be handled by the children’s home project manager.

Requesting Organization: Neo-Humanist Foundation

The Neo-Humanist Foundation, through one of its site projects in Huay Ma Lai named Baan Dada Children’s Home and Community Services (started in 1994) is currently undertaking a number of community development projects in neighboring areas. The community projects presently include an orphanage home known locally as Baan Dada Children’s Home, a growing children’s home weaving enterprise, a goat lending project, a Homestay Eco-Tourism livelihood project and a fish raising livelihood project in Piloki Village, an eye care outreach program, and The Vaccination Outreach Program for non-Thai children living within the borders Burma near Sangklaburi, Kanchanaburi, Thailand.
The Neo-Humanist Foundation is a non-profit organization that is registered (since 1990) with the Thai Ministry of Welfare (Registration number 5008).
The Neo-Humanist Foundation is affiliated with a global organization called AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team)

AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team): This organization deals with emergency relief work and the establishment of sustainable economic programs once the emergency has subsided. AMURT responded to the emergency needs of people living in Indonesia during the 2004 tsunami. Their activities included rebuilding the houses that were destroyed, setting up new schools, developing industries such as sewing, a brick factory, and sustainable agriculture. AMURT also responded to the recent natural disasters both in Burma and the Philippines and employed similar programs in both places. AMURT does not only restrict itself to emergency relief work, but is also involved in regular basic health and education outreach programs.
Neo-Humanist Foundation: Neo-Humanism is a social outlook based on the concept of “love for all created beings in this universe”. Several projects are established under this foundation, such as kindergarten schools, primary schools, technical school (India), children’s shelters, women’s programs, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Plants (PCAP).

Project Fund Requirement:

The total project cost amounts to 33,800.-baht. This would cover the contract for installing roof gutters, purchase of PVC pipes and valves, water filters, and plastic water tanks.

Project cost Table:

Item Description:

Roof Gutter Installation Contract: 90 meters at 200.00 baht per meter - Total: 18,000.00

3" PVC Pipe: 7 pieces at 420.00 baht per pc - Total: 2,940.00

Cotton Filter Roll: 12 pc at 350.00 baht per pc - Total: 4,200.00

3" PVC valve: 3 pc at 420.00 baht per pc - Total: 1,260.00

Plastic Water Tank: 1m dia x 1.2m H, 2 tanks at 3,700.00 baht per tank - Total: 7,400.00

Total Cost 33,800.00

Project Sustainability

Once the water collection system is installed it can last for a maximum of ten years with minimum maintenance. The annual 60% electricity saving for the duration of six months of rain is 21,600.- baht.

Project Beneficiary

The beneficiaries of this project is the residents of Baan Dada Children’s Home and Community Services. There are currently almost 60 children in the home.

Contact Information:

Ricardo Zoleta
Project Manager, Baan Dada Children’s Home and Community Services
Neo-Humanist Foundation
P.O. Box 49, Sangklaburi
Kanchanaburi, 71240. Thailand
Tel: 083-310 6058 (cell phone)
034-688-037 (landline)
Email: dadaramakrishna@gmail.com
Website: www.baandada.org


A.) Project Implementation Experience:

1. Vaccination Outreach Project: This program enables trained medics to access remote communities in Burma along the Thai-Burmese border and provides vaccinations and basic health care to ethnic minorities at risk. Since this program started in 2009 it has vaccinated over 2500 children.

2. Eye Care Program: This program brings eye care and distributes eye glasses to the people in remote communities. It also refers patients needing surgery to the nearby hospital. A partner organization and individual pays for the surgery if it is need. Since this program started in 2005 it has screened over 15,000 patients.

3. Children’s Home: Provides a shelter and education for disadvantaged and orphaned children of different ethnic groups including Karen, Mon, Burmese, and Thai.

4. Piloki Homestay and Community Development: Volunteers are sent to Piloki Village to help in the community, while experiencing life through the eyes of the villagers themselves.

5. Fish Raising Project: Fish pens were constructed and placed in the lake waters near Piloki Village where they are maintained by the local fishermen. The fish are sold to help the village attain self sufficiency.

6. Goat Raising/lending: Goats are lent out to families in need for the duration of time needed for the goats to reproduce. The family will keep the offspring while the original breeders are returned to the foundation afterwards.

7. Weaving Project: A cloth weaving project was started to help raise money raised for the Children’s Home.

8. Maintenance of 13 kindergarten school teachers in 6 villages within the borders of Burma.

B.) Projects Funded by various organizations and individuals:

1. Water and Electric Installation, Tractor American Women’s Club-Thailand
2. Goat Lending Project American Women’s Club-Thailand
3. Community Weaving Project New Zealand Aid
4. Children’s Home Construction American Women’s Club (partial funding)
Thai Gypsum Co. (partial funding)
5. Musical Instruments Lindsay Marsh, Zoleta family
6. Rubber Plantation Fundraiser Project Go MAD volunteer organization
7. Eye Care Program Unite For Sight and Dr. H. Friedrich
8. Piloki Fish Raising Project BCTFN organization
9. Teacher’s Allowance for Refugee Camps Amicus Foundation
10. Partial Funding – Vaccination Program British Women’s Group (BWG)
11. Medical Clinic & Medic Salary Amicus Foundation
12. Children’s Shelter Roofing Amicus Foundation
13. Salaries for teachers in Burma Amicus Foundation
14. Vaccination Program /partial funding The British Women’s Group, Thailand
15. Vaccination Program Fillopo and Ester Bellesia, Italy