AMURT Safe Motherhood and Midwifery

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Project Name: *
AMURT Safe Motherhood and Midwifery

Project Address: *
AMURT, B.P. 3665, 01 Ouagadougou, BURKINA FASO

Project Description: *
The project is a partnership between AMURT and the Burkina Faso Department of Health. Main component is the training of village midwives in remote tribal villages. Educating women in the project area about maternal health, sexual health, opposing Female Genital Mutilation, literacy training, training village health agents. 37 active village midwives and 12 village health agents working as per December 2007.

Project History: *
AMURT started work in 1986 - work includes building hospital, cereal banks, literacy, reforestation, cooperatives, wells etc. Safe Motherhood Project started February 2002

Project Mission: *
To train village midwives for every 7 km radius, to reduce maternal mortality and infant mortality, to combat female genital mutilation, to educate women and communities about health, focus on maternal and sexual health, to create leadership models for women.

Financial Budget: *
The direct annual budget for the six years has been USD 30,000 to 35,000. We are currently revising and restructuring the project. A new budget will be ready in January and see new funding. The new budget is likely to be a bit higher.

Financial sources: *
The last three years we have had funding from NORAD/FOKUS KVINNER through AMURT Norway. Their funding will end at the end of 2007. We have also had help from AMURTEL USA, AMURT UK, and AMURT Italy and private donors. At the moment we have no funding for 2008.

Fund transfer modalities: *
The best way is to transfer funds by Bank wire to the AMURT account in Ouagadougou, the bank account is on the web-site. Funds can also be transferred via AMURT USA>

Wish list:
Currently we are trying to get small contributions from several sources to manage the operating expenses for the next months until we secure a new grant.
We are between funding for the project. NORAD in Norway has a limit of three years. The funding stops at the end of 2007. We knew this before. The reason we have waited to apply for further grants, is that we wanted to wait for the independent evaluation that was conducted in November. We have just received the complete report in French, it’s now being translated. Our program is a partnership with the Burkina Faso Department of Health. I am going to Burkina Faso, and will be having meetings there to reach agreement on our future program and budget. Then we will apply for a proper grant.

In the meanwhile we need to find funds to maintain the minimum operating expense. I am applying to several sources in the hope to get enough to continue the operations for a few months, until proper funding is secured. I am attaching a spreadsheet with the minimum operating expenses.

If you would like the full budget for the whole project, the new plan and budget will be ready in January.

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Daniel Haven
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daneshananda at
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