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Malaria Treatment and Prevention in Kenya - Homeopathy

Partner: Abha Light Foundation

FEA has included this project in its Microdonations Program.

Description:ALF is conducting a study on the homeopathic prevention of malaria. This is a ground-breaking study.

As for it's impact and its importance there is an article where I discuss the three scourges in Africa of Malaria, HIV, TB. It is published with the title "Africa the Last Frontier, the Battle Enjoined". On the same newspaper it has been published "The use of homeopathic prophilaxis and treatment for malaria"where the practical side is discussed.

I've been developing & using this product for the last l0 years. It has taken long to raise the money needed for this study, which began in July 2010.

The goal of the project is to demonstrate that the product "Malarix" does, indeed, treat and prevent malaria. With this necessary proof, we can fully register the product with the government and begin to promote it to various governments to adopt it in their health programs.

Budget: The complete budget since 2009 when we started this endeavour is well over $32,000. As of right now, I'm about $3000 short of raising all the necessary funds.

Donors: A number of private donors and homeopathic institutions.

by Didi Ananda Rucira, Project Director

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Donate a Motorcycle to Africa

Partner: AMURT Burkina Faso

FEA has included this project in its Microdonations program.

Description:This program sponsors a motorcycle to a health/social worker in West Africa, either Ghana or Burkina Faso.

At present we need another motorcycle for Burkina Faso for the supervisor of a series of projects in Deou.

As per June 2010, two motorcycles have been donated. One to the Mafi-Zongo project in Ghana and the other one to Burkina Faso.

Motorcycles are a very useful means of transportation for the health/social workers in that area of Africa as there are very few roads in bad condition.

Budget: A like-new motorcycle can be purchased for approximately US$1,000. The foundation continues to support this project and we are requesting funds for the same.

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School - Lome, Togo

The Ecole Privee Neo-Humaniste in Lome, Togo re-opened in it’s new four-classroom building in October, 2008. With nearly 100 pupils attending the Director and teachers felt an urgent need for sufficient number of desks/benches as well as basic classroom materials.

Assistance from Foundation Emanuele Antola enabled the school to build 64 desks/benches (for 128 pupils) and to purchase books (mathematics and a dictionary) and office supplies.

Raising the consciousness through Theatre (Déou, Burkina Faso)

Raising the consciousness through Theatre (Déou, Burkina Faso)

A bit of history:

Since 1986 AMURT is working in Déou, one of the world remotest and poorest region 300 miles North of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. This is a semi-desert like place with a sandy type of soil and thorny bushes. There is no road, no electricity and the weather is extremely hot most of the year. The villagers rear cattle and during the short raining season they grow their local cereal (some sort of millet).
Our late Dada Rudreshvarananda initiated many projects like reforestation, alphabetisation, digging of wells, building a health dispensary, etc… Nowadays our main focus is health and amongst other things we are training AVs “Accoucheuses Villageoises” who are 32 local women who help and support mothers before, at the time and after giving birth and some ASVs “Agent de Santé Villageois” who are 7 local health agents helping in providing the basics in health care (mostly regarding malaria, conjunctivitis, wounds and dysentery cases). Our effort there is greatly appreciated for no other NGO is coming forward to help in such a remote and tough place to live (and to reach!).

Today’s need in raising the consciousness:

The Akwakwaa Clinic in Ghana

Update: the water tank has been installed in June 2008 with funds from the Foundation. Thanks to all those who contributed to the success of this "Micro-donation" project.
This is a request for 1,500 USD to install a water tank, and pipes to provide running water to the Akwakwaa Clinic, in Ghana. The amount of $1,000 has been secured and given to the clinic. It was enough to purchase the water tank and install it but not for the rest of the installation. Therefore at the moment the clinic has water but needs another 500 USD to complete the installations so as to have running water inside the building.
The clinic serves about 200 patients a month. It provides primary health care and has a maternity ward that does from 5 to 10 deliveries a month. The clinic also trains health workers from nearby communities to work in local clinics. The project was started in the year 2000 and has been growing year by year.
The clinic is self-sufficient from patient fees but it needs support for capital improvements.

For more details of the project click here.

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