Supporting a Women’s Center in Thailand

The Ananda Shyama project was established 30 years ago. For many years it served as a home for children sent by the Thai Social Welfare Department from the streets of Bangkok. It is also used for retreats, youth camps and wellness programs, and also for LFT volunteer training. Over the years we have planted many kinds of fruits amongst the jungle trees. Each year we harvest these fruits and this brings some income for regular maintenance of the property. The harvests and also the sales price of the fruits, however, can vary from year to year, and so the project often also has to depend on donations in order to survive. The project manager is Didi Ananda Mahima, who has been in-charge of the project for the past 22 years. 

Project Mission

Our mission is to develop a self-sufficient community which serves the local people with educational activities and also can be a shelter for homeless children, single mothers and aged women. Ananda Shyama will also provide a peaceful, sentient and eco-friendly environment with enough facilities for conducting programs and retreats for spiritual aspirants, youth and children.

This project needs financial support to make repairs to to the main guest house and administrative building. More specifically, the columns and beams have been damaged by termites and must be replaced for safety.

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