About Us

The Foundation:
On April 26, 2006 Foundation Emanuele Antola was registered at the Handelsregisteramt (Office for the Registration of Companies) in Canton Zurich, Switzerland.

Location Switzerland:
FEA’s board carefully selected Switzerland as the location for the administrative head office of the foundation for its safety and tradition as an international center for humanitarian organizations. Donations here are not taxed and can be channelized to the projects.

Operating structure:
As an organization working throughout the world the foundation benefits from the fact that the members of the Board of Directors are from diverse background coming from countries like Brazil, India, Italy, and Switzerland.
The coordination work is managed from Zurich and New York. Board members advise on the selection of suitable projects and commit themselves at the same time to take responsibility to overview those projects. Each board member takes responsibility to verify that the donations are used for the purpose they were given on the projects they are assigned to.

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