Ananda Marga Primary School in Dhatu – India

Project Description: This project is a school with 90 children, run by an elderly didi who has struggled to gradually build a school building while living in a small adjacent mud building with 3 orphans. The project has a well with a good amount of water, but the water is quite deep and so it is a lot of work to take it out for household and toilet use, as well as for drinking. Didi is therefore requesting help to build a water tank on the school roof with a pump and pipes leading to 7 taps, for the bathrooms, kitchen and for the schoolchildren to gain easy access to drinking water.


Project History: The land for this project was donated many years ago in a very poor, semi-literate rural area behind Bokaro Steel City. Initially a mud house was constructed with a tiny kitchen, veranda and outside bathroom and toilet. Didi used the large room as a classroom in the day and a bedroom at night. She called local children and gave tuitions. Gradually the numbers of children seeking help increased and Didi wanted to build a separate school building for them. The building was finally constructed and numbers gradually increased as slowly more and more parents realised the value of educating their children at this school. At the local government schools the children learn nothing. Today Didi has 90 students on the role and 3 orphans living with her.


Project Mission: The mission of this project is to provide quality education to the local poor children to try to give them the chance of a better, brighter future while inculcating in them spiritual values and a feeling of responsible citizenship.


Microdonation Request: Didi needs $1000 to build a water system that transports water from the well to a tank on top of the house, pipes and a tap in the kitchen, one in each of the 2 new toilets and the old bathroom and toilet and one tap for the schoolchildren to wash their hands and get drinking water.