Ananda Marga School, Manipur – India

Drinking Water Facility


Project Description: Ananda Marga School at present with 100 students and 5 teachers. all the children come from the surrounding villages. they are all from very poor families.there is one hand-pump which is the only source of water. but the iron content is so high that it is not good for drinking. So the present didi has to fetch water from other place.


Project History: The School is running in this Village of Manipur since 2002 which is around 3 hours away from Malda Town. Didis have struggled hard to make the construction. there is one office room, one big hall, one room for didi and varandah. children from nearby six villages are coming here. they are mostly from poor families.


Project: To dig a borewell and set up submersible pump to get drinking water for the School Children. it will also help the nearby villagers.  

Financial Budget: 200′ submersible pipe =Rs 23,000

Pump Set = Rs 14,000

Over head water tanks 2 = Rs 18,000

Labor charge = Rs 15,000


Total Cost is Rs 70,000 approximately $1,100


Financial sources: The children are coming from very poor families. so they are unable to pay higher fees. so the didi is managing the school with very nominal fees from the children, some are studying free also. So there is scope for any donation from the guardians.


Microdonation Request: This School is really serving the very poor families in the villages of Malda District. The present Didi is very Sincere and Hard working. Your kind assistance can solve the drinking water problem of the school and it will also help the local villagers.