WHAT IT IS: “Microdonations” is a program initiated in the year 2008 by Foundation Emanuele Antola (Zurich, Switzerland) in order to help stimulate relief work and/or development projects.

The program consists in giving small donations ($1,000) to relief or development projects located throughout the world so that they can implement small improvements or short term programs that can benefit their target population.

Some examples of Projects supported by the “Microdonations” program:

Water Tank

– installation of a water tank, pipes and taps to provide running water for a small rural clinic – Kenya

Burkina Faso - Motorcycle 2

– purchase of a motorcycle to provide transportation to a social worker traveling to supervise projects in a remote area – Burkina Faso

Abha Seva Sadan patient shelter 05

– construction of a shelter to protect patients waiting to be attended from rain and sun at a small clinic – India

Abha Seva Sadan sterilizer 1
– purchase of a needle sterilizer as well as other equipment for an acupuncture clinic – India

– purchase of a moringa mill for powder production and export – Burkina Faso

– purchase and installation of irrigation system – Burkina Faso.

1. The director of the project applies via the Foundation’s online form.
2. The Board of the Foundation evaluates the project
3. If the project is approved, the Foundation will wire US$1,000 to the project’s local bank account
4. After the completion of the work the Project Director submits the report and photos of what was done to the Foundation.


Foundation Emanuele Antola receives Donations and you can also participate to our ongoing Fundraising efforts which are sometimes in the form of matching funds.

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