Classroom for Didi’s School in Bhadra Odisha – India

Project Description: This School is managed by Didi Renuka. There are 14 student in Nursery, KG I and KG II. Didi now has one class room only which is difficult to run the three classes. So she needs one more class room to accommodate the children of KG II and the next class of Std I.

Project History: Ananda Marga School, Bant is the only School managed by didis in the district of Bhadrak of Odisha State since last ten years. The land was donated by a margii and existing construction of one class room, one room for didis’ stay and bath kitchen etc was done by Didi Ananda Ratnaprabha with much struggle and hardship. Bant is a Block level Town and there is good possibility for the progress of the School.

Project Mission: Our School gives moral foundation and spiritual outlook to the children in their formative periods. Didi’s School at Bant known in the Community for the quality education. we have been providing our services to the local area since over 10 years. Once we have the new class room, we can admit more children and serve them and the lower income group of parents of that area in a better way.