Construction Uma Nivas Primary School

The construction has been going on steadily since we started in November 1017.  We managed to connect to a water source nearby so we had sufficient supply of water so far. The work is according to village pace. Stone chips of good quality have to come from far also bricks of good quality are hard to get and have to come from far. The work on the foundation took until recently. We are making an additional residential 2 big rooms parterre where the land is on lower level. The work is going on that corner now.  The construction team is lead by a man and his father, both experienced builders. We had a team of engineers come and inspect and advise on the foundation.  

The building has six big rooms including one which is bigger for gatherings, one office room, toilets, two stair cases, spacious veranda and residential quarters with kitchen/living space, storage, bathroom, two smaller rooms and the above mentioned pareterre of two big rooms and one bathroom.

This is all on ground floor and will house the Primary school up to grade 4 and two KG classes. We hope to build one more floor where we can have Teacher Training facilities and more residential space for live in student teachers. 

We are intending to have young girls who are enrolled in studying to be teachers to live in and also help part time in teaching. In this way the building will have living life all day round and a good flow can be created. Girls graduating from our next door High School and Children’s Home can continue live here while taking up college. They have high studying and routine discipline and will enhance the flow of the project. 

The construction will go on depending on the water availability. We will cover all the steel with concrete before the rains and build up the walls.  We may have to stop soon and wait until the rains come. After the rainy season in October we will have the major work of casting the 6000sqf roof/floor. This will need lots of steel and concrete and labour. We hope you could help us again for this big task.


The construction of the model Primary School has been going on steadily at the pace of local workers of rural India. Since the start in November 2017 we have come to the stage of casting the slab/ceiling of the ground floor of 560sqm. Didi AVratiisha who has been on the site as her Girls’High School is just next door has been selected good quality material and the structure is strong. There is an engineer whom we can consult for no charges whenever needed.


Recent developments: Our construction will definitely serve two purposes: a model primary school and also a women’s college. There are 150 children ready for the primary school and as of this year also 60 girls are enrolled in our Degree College at Ananda Nagar studying in a temporary facility at Pundag. They are waiting for us to finish so they can shift to our facility. We expect 250 girls to be enrolled next term for the BEd course.  The second floor will be for the Ananda Marga Women’s College and the ground floor for the Ananda Marga Primary School. The registration and affiliation of the college is done already by the Ananda Marga Degree College. Our facility will serve as an extension of the campus.


Job at hand: The slab over the ground floor. All the floors are covered with a layer of bricks to hold the balancing of the wood structure for the slab over the ground floor. Steel rods worth 10,000 $ have been delivered of which we paid 40%. Still we need stone chips for 2000$, 30 trucks of sand for 1000$ and 700 sacks of cement for 3600 $ plus labour costs for 7500$.