AMURT Safe Motherhood and Midwifery – Burkina Faso

Project Description:
The project is a partnership between AMURT and the Burkina Faso Department of Health. Main component is the training of village midwives in remote tribal villages. Educating women in the project area about maternal health, sexual health, opposing Female Genital Mutilation, literacy training, training village health agents. 37 active village midwives and 12 village health agents working as per December 2007.

Project History:
AMURT started work in 1986 – work includes building hospital, cereal banks, literacy, reforestation, cooperatives, wells etc. Safe Motherhood Project started February 2002
AV trainees
Project Mission:
To train village midwives for every 7 km radius, to reduce maternal mortality and infant mortality, to combat female genital mutilation, to educate women and communities about health, focus on maternal and sexual health, to create leadership models for women.

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