Nile River School – Egypt

We have now good drinkable water! Beside the electric pump we have also a hand pump in case electricity is unavailable. The electric pump is not fixed at the new building for the time being because we cannot live there yet as the construction is going on. But the pump stays at the neighbors and is brought to our land when needed. Instead of plastic filter we got stainless steel filter which should be working better.

Nile River School

Baharwa Village, Al Ayat, Giza, Egypt


Dear Emanuele Antola Foundation,

Thank you for your kind support this year. We had a very good year with a stable teacher for our kindergarten. We had a maximum enrolment of 20 children ages 5 and another25 children below 5. We had to supplement the teaching through volunteers and young girls in their free time from school to manage the big number of children.

We have also made progress towards legalizing the building and the kindergarten.  We would like to have one more qualified teacher in the new year. We have started requesting monthly tuition but not all parents could comply with the 2 U$ per month tuition. But we will continue upgrading our entire system.

Our security for the last year has been stable. The new primary school in the village that started as an inspiration from our school is run successfully for one year now by a local NGO . Our children will feed into this school. The parents are satisfied with the progress of their children’s learning. The NGO even started another school in a nearby village. We had a teachers’ training at our Nile River School for their teachers.

We would like to request your support of 1000$ again for this coming year towards teachers’ salary while at the same time we will be focusing on a sustainable solution by the end of the coming year.




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