Khunt Village School in Bihar – India

Project Description:

Our school will be for primary level. It will consist of 4 rooms with a large hall. Poor farmers’ families will pay subsidized rates.

There are 3 teachers and around 70 children. Nowadays the school still runs in a bamboo building.

We already constructed a temporary simple toilet made of bamboo as toilets are needed urgently, but this temporary toilet is not hygienic nor functioning well enough.

Our school is situated beside a river and time to time there is flooding in that area. Our building also serves as a shelter for villagers during the floods. As it is already a meeting point for all villagers, permanent toilets are needed urgently.

Project History: There is no other school in the village. It is surrounded by 2 rivers. Children have to cross the river over a bamboo bridge to get to the school in the next village. Village people donated land and are ready to support with manual work and finances.

Project Mission: Education for all is the main motto. A primary level school with proper facilities and hygienic conditions, to give education for the many unschooled village children and also to serve as a community meeting point for all villagers, in this way strengthening the community as well as making cheap education available for all village children.

Microdonation Request:

Your funds will be utilized to build permanent and hygienic toilets. At present we only have one toilet constructed by bamboo for many people to use every day.

We need to construct proper toilets for the students as well as for the villagers who meet at the school or take shelter there during floods. Often times girl students leave the school due to a lack of toilets.