Solar power extension for Ananda Marga school of Bissiri – Burkina Faso

Project Description: There has been a public primary school in the village, but there has been no accessibility to secondary education in the vicinity. Many children used to discontinue education after primary term. There was a deeply felt need for a secondary education and repeated requests came from the local community for the same. AMURT has been able to construct four classrooms in 2013 thanks to our Italian’s branch sponsor. AMURT then started this junior high school.

Project History: We have installed a basic solar power set up in order to have lights for the student to study in the evening (their homes have no electricity). Now we need to power a photocopier and wish to install fans (as the temperature gets over 45°C in March, April, May and June). We want to add solar panels, batteries and the improve the whole set up. The total estimate is over 4000 USD. But i already got donation of 3200 USD.

Project Mission: The project mission is primary to provide the local community with basic necessities, such as food, health care, education, housing and clothing, using local resources; secondary to help elevate the moral and spiritual standard of the beneficiaries aiming at the all-round well being of the beneficiaries.