AMURT Nigeria – Blood Bank Refrigerator

Odeligbo Health Center opened in 2012. Over the years it has grown to become the biggest of AMURT’s nine health centers in Ebonyi State, and it is the fourth biggest hospital in Ebonyi State. It currently has a staff of over forty including two resident doctors, three resident midwives, and a lab scientist, along with other health workers and auxiliary staff.

After upgrading to become a CEmONC center (Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care Center) in 2017, it is now a referral center for the central part of Ebonyi State.  With this increased load, we have recently created a

Newborn Intensive Care Unit.  In 2019, Odeligbo has had 145 cesarean sections.  The availability of blood is necessary for cesarean section. Blood is also necessary to manage other obstetric complications and very critically to manage complicated malaria that is the number one killer of children in Nigeria.  Many children die from anemia due to untreated malaria.  Currently blood is sent to Odeligbo from Abakaliki and of course we are also sourcing for blood from relatives of the patients. But donors with matching blood types are often not available from the families of the patients.

To this end AMURT wants to apply to Antola Foundation for a USD 1000 micro-grant to purchase a Bloodbank Refrigerator so that we can maintain our own reserve of blood.  We will do blood drives in the communities and we will also share the blood that we are able to source in Abakaliki, the state capital, with Odeligbo Health Center.



COST: NAIRA 390,000  or USD 1,083