Baan Unrak School – Thailand

Project Description: A school registered by the Thai government with 200 students from kindergarten to junior high, 16 teachers and 5 staff.

Project Image: click on this link to see photos:

Project History: School started March 2005. Main reason to help the children in An. Devamala’s children home to get a school that would care for their needs and love them besides their required academic education. Our school follows the academic requirement of thai ministry of education and similar to global standerds of learning.

Project Mission: To improve the life of children. Our school mostly provide education for misplaced people from the refugee stream from Burma and mostly children living in children homes. We provide loving nurturing care besides an academic education. Many of our children are paying reduced fees and some nothing so that we can help poor families that are unable to pay but have children with special needs or learning difficulties.

Microdonation Request: All our income goes to monthly fixed expenses so we do not get enough money for repairs and improvements. Now we need desperately to fix a very old part of the roof for the dining area of highschool also used for vocational activities. It will need new pillars,roof structure and roof materials. We have estimated the cost to around 40,000bt but for 1000 US which is equalent to 30,000bt we will manage be able to do most if not all of it. The rainy season are just to start with 6 months of rain so this project is of urgency.

Update from project director:

The money was also enough to start up a roof extention from grade 1 and grade 2 to their toilets so they do not have to run under the rain and become wet anymore. The money did not cover all, rather half so i had to borrow for the rest but it was something I needed to do for years and finally it was possible. Thank you a million times. Here are pictures.