Ananda Marga Neohumanist Academy – Ghana

Project Description: School – currently creche, nursery, kindergarten.

Project History: Many years earlier the local margiis arranged the land (1 plot), had an architectural drawing made and approved, and purchased some cement. Construction of the current building was completed in 2015, the furnishings and classroom supplies arranged in 2016. The school opened in September 2016. It has since become reputed and popular, and achieved financial stability in regards to recurring income and expenses. DS(L) Accra has provided some NHE training and in late 2018 Nadia Rabah from Lebanon gave one month of excellent training to the teaching staff. We currently have 134 children admitted, only 2 proper size classrooms each of which is divided into two by a simple plywood partition, one smaller room for creche and 1 class being conducted outdoors (weather permitting)

Project Mission: To provide a high quality and affordable, values-based education to the children of Ho. Our current mission, as per the demand/request of parents, is to add classrooms in order to provide full primary level classes.

Financial Budget: *$5,000 – all for construction materials and labor as follows: steel rods – 2,035 / cement & sand – 1,850 / Excavation – 925 / Lumber (form work) – 190.  If the usual lower amount of $1,000 is granted it will be used for the Excavation work and lumber. 

Microdonation Request: *$5,000 for infrastructure development (construction materials and labor.): The meet the request/demand of parents for us to open primary classes. Due to limited land and an existing foundation for only one story, we need to construct 8 additional classrooms on raised platforms (concrete and iron rod pillars) above the existing school. This will be done in stages and first comes the substructure within which classrooms can be made over one wing of the building. To begin this work we require approx. US$ 18.500 of which we already have approx. $12,200 (and more will be added).  Your support will allow this phase of work to be done.