Mafi Zongo Water Project – AMURT Ghana

Project Description:
The project provides safe piped water to a population of 9,000 to 23 communities through a pipeline network that is 48 kilometers long. It is located in remote villages in North Tongu Distric, Volta region. The project harvests surface water in a small dam built on a seasonal river. The water is treated by slow sand filtration. The water is the pumped to a reservoir on the top of a mountain, from where the water flows by gravity to the communities.

Project History:
AMURT was first invited to the North Tongu District in 1990 to help fight guinea worm. By 1993 AMURT stared working on the Mafi-Dekpoe water project.(this project is a partnership with Danida, it was completed in 1998). In 1994 we were invited to Mafi-Zongo to assist a group of communities there. The dam was constructed in 1994. The water treatment plant finished in 2001, the water tower was completed in 2003. With funding from Italy, the project opened in 2005 for 10 communities, and was expanded to 23 communities in 2006.

Project Mission:
To assist the communities in the area to get safe water through a sutainable community owned and community managed project.

Financial Budget:
As the project is finished, AMURT is currently assisting to improve the facilities. The request for support is for pipeline markers to secure the pipelines.

Wish list:
Presently we are seeking a small grant to create pipeline markers. To mark the whole line will take close to 3,000 USD, as we have been told that the limit of the small grant application is 1,000 USD, we are applying for that amount to mark the most critical areas.
We seek US $1,000 to make pipeline markers for the pvc pipeline. We need more than 300 markers, US $1,000 will give 116 markers. We will install them on the pipeline through communal labor. The pipe line markers are cast in concrete with iron bars. They are 3 feet high and 7 x 7 inches square. They will be painted blue to be very visible. Let me know if you need the details of the manufacturing cost.

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