Projects 2011

From January to October 2011, the Foundation has sponsored the following projects.

Floods in Rio de Janeiro: We started the year by responding to the emergency created by the floods near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Foundation supported the relief work done by its partner AMURT in the Teresopolis and Petropolis area.

Clinic in Nairobi, Kenya: for a few years we have been supporting the alternative clinic in Nairobi, Kenya, providing services to the poor living in the slums around the capital city.

Elementary School in Nicaragua: we have sponsored the construction of new toilets for the kids attending a small private school located in a poor neighborhood in Managua.

Burkina Faso: we have sponsored the purchase of projection equipment to show educational videos to villagers in a remote area as well as a motorcycle to help a social worker to serve a larger area. We also gave funds to purchase cereal at a wholesale price to be provided to villagers at a social price in times of need.

Thailand: we sponsored a project to collect rain water to be used by the kids living in a children’s home.

For more information about Foundation Emanuele Antola and its projects visit


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