New Project in Nigeria

The Foundation has received a request to provide financial assistance for equipping and furnishing new medical facilities in Nigeria.

Our partner, AMURT is close to completing the construction of the new medical facilities.

They are:

Akparata Health Center – a new health center in one the most remote communities in the state, 15 km from nearest government clinic.

Offia Oji Health Centre – new maternity and paedeatric wing. This hospital’s facilities are overflowing with patients and deliveries.

Odeligbo Health Centre – Staff quarters, the staff has no place to stay during night shifts. it’s the last of our health centres to get a staff quarters. We need to buy furniture and equipment for these new facilities. This include hospital beds, mattresses, examination couches, cabinets, desks, chairs, etc. For the clinics we also need a lot medical equipment and supplies.Chinansa and boy Offia Oji 3 April


DSCN9944 (1280x960)

Fifty three women Offia Oji 11 Sept

mother and child umbrella

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