Moringa project in Burkina Faso

A little update on the Moringa project in Burkina Faso. The Foundation has sponsored the purchase of a mill to process the moringa. Here is a photo and comments from the project manager, Dada Padmeshananda about the process they are going through. “Very sorry for the delay in reporting for the moringa mill! It is not that i have forgotten about it but Africa is sometime difficult to move! Here is the picture of the mill, still and again at the workshop where they made it. It works well but the completion, or the finishing is not great, so i keep on going, we keep on trying samples until we reach the standard required. It cost 2000 USD so i want something that’s going to work a long run.

So, i was waiting that the mill reaches our association of women, to take a nice spot, but will still have to wait a week or two for that, in the mean time here it what it looks like.

Sorry for that, and come back to you very soon.”Moringa mill

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