Schools and Education

The role of schools is related to the capacity to remold the entire human society through education.

An education based on universal values of love for the entire creation bring the mind of the kids to expand and embrace love as the safest way towards wellbeing and welfare for all.

This is how Emanuele Antola Foundation gives priority to schools carrying those values as the beneficiary of its microdonation program.


Toilets in Lome’ School – Togo

Lotus Children Center in Accra – Ghana

Khunt Village School in Bihar – India

Ananda Marga Primary School in Dhatu – India

New roof for Nicaragua School

Ananda Marga School, Manipur – India

Ananda Marga Neohumanist Academy – Ghana

Construction Uma Nivas Primary School

Classroom for Didi’s School in Bhadra Odisha – India

Baan Unrak School – Thailand

Gradinita Rasarit in Bucharest – Romania

Sunrise School – Albania

Reading Project – Barlovento, Venezuela

AMSAI School in Managua – Nicaragua

Nile River School – Egypt

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