Burkina Faso Farm

From the manager of the Burkina Faso farming project:

“I hope you are well and fit.

I have some good news:

-the tricycle is a success beyond expectation, it is coming every 2 days to ouaga loaded with vegetables and we got contact with many
wealthy people in Ouagadougou in the capital who are all found of our organic fruits and vegetables. The money collected is much better than what we usually collected and the whole farm and its worker are much better off already. It is so touching to see them like that. Is just the touch that changes everything now. The development of the Farm is great at the moment. We aim at having it becoming a model and educational farm in the near future. Thanks again for your support

-we have resumed (finally, since we have a good car now) our eductional projections (about water management, hygiene, etc.) in
Sahel. It is a great tool and we shall do more and more. Here on the picture attached you can see Jared, our specialist hydrologue that is explaining a few simple concepts in a small fulany village.

I am now planning to put a solar pannel in our Farm in order to get lights, and power source for batteries and others. We really need it also for our literacy classes and clinic.
I made the estimate and it is 2000 USD, if Antola fondation can match 1000 USD which I have already we have electricity. What do you think?

I hope to hear from you soon.
I send you my best wishes,

By His grace,


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