New Central Heating to undeprivileged youth

As part of the Microdonations program, the Foundation sponsored a much needed improvement to the Domnesti Center in Romania.

AMURT Romania received US 1,000 on 21st February 2010, for the purchase of one new central heating.
The new heating system was purchased on 24th February, amount of RON 9,727.80 (US 3,040).

Below are the contents of the thank you letter received which explains the scope of the project:

Dear Foundation Emanuele Antola Team,

We, AMURT Romania, hereby, appreciate very much for your donation. We reoeived
an amount of US 1,000 on 21 st February 2012.

Since October 2009, AMURT Romania has successfully provided life skills (cooking,
shopping, money management, etc.) and occasionally vocational skills to homeless youths
between 18 to 26 years old in our Domnesti Centen in llfov (next to Bucharest).

Life and work skills are not enough. The youths are still falling back on the streets when not
finding relevant jobs or not matching the demands of labour market. We are in the process to
create and design for them this needed final stage of integration. A complete program providing
life skills and entrepreneurial knowledge and opportunities leading to jobs.

We are modifying our present life and work skills center to a “Life Skills and
a Entrepreneurial Center”. lt aims to provide sustainable opportunities to earn a living by
developing innovative learning skills to help homeless youth learn to support themselves and
make safe and healthy decisions that positively impact their lives.

Thank you for the donation. The money was used in buying one new heating system
(wood bumer).

AMURT Romania started the 3rd year life skill training on 1st February with our 10 new
beneficiaries we will update with news and pictures soon.

Sincerely yours,

Markku Sosimaki

President of AMURT Romania

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