Microdonations and their impact

Sometimes we wonder what was the impact of the Foundation’s microdonations program. What benefits did it bring and was it really useful.
Here are some facts from a Microdonation to AMURT West Africa which was approved about a year ago, in the end of February 2012.
The project aimed to reduce maternal mortality rate and save lives of mothers and newborns in Ebonyi State, Nigeria.
For that AMURT used the Microdonation to purchase three NASGs – Non-pneumatic anti-shock garments. These garments are used to save the lives of women who suffer from postpartum hemorrhage, that is heavy bleeding after delivery.

Oct 11, 2012 – After Martina gave birth to her baby daughter late Tuesday night, she suffered severe post-partum hemorrhage. The birth attendants at Offia Oji Health Center applied the anti-shock garment and she was taken to Federal Teaching Hospital in Abakaliki. After the heavy rains the roads were so bad, the journey took almost three hours, when it should be just over 90 minutes. Martina was transfused and is now recovering. Hopefully she will be discharged tomorrow

Oct 11, 2012 – Post Partum Hemorrhage is the cause of more than 50 % of the maternal deaths in our project area. This year we acquired non-flatable anti-shock garments which can save lives if applied in correctly and in time. Check out this Link to know more about how they work:http://www.lifewraps.org/lifewrap.htm
This photo is from the training session for our health workers conducted at Gmelina Health Center in April by Pathfinder – http://www.pathfinder.org
Nov 30, 2012 – Two day training in the management of Post Partum Hemorrhage started today at Odeligbo Health Center, with fifteen trainees from Elugwu Ettam, Ettam and Odeligbo Health Centers. The training address all aspects of PPH and introduces how to apply the Non-pneumatic-anti-shock garment to saves lives of women who go into hypovolemic shock due to bloodloss after giving birth.
From AMURT West Africa (Dec 3, 2012): We concluded the Post Partum Hemorrhage Management Training today at Odeligbo. Here are Ifeyani and Blessing practicing how to apply the non-pneumatic-anti-shock-garment. This is the most effective tool available to save the lives of women who go into shock due to blood loss after giving birth.

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