Philippines Emergency – Typhoon Hayan


Foundation Emanuele Antola is supporting the emergency relief work by AMURT Philippines in Cebu. The area was devastated by Typhoon Hayan. AMURT has a local team on the ground and needs a lot of support.

In a dramatic letter, AMURT’s local representative described the scene of devastation in the area which had experienced an earthquake just 3 weeks before. The AMURT team was still engaged in assisting the earthquake survivors when typhoon Haiyan hit.

In the words of the AMURT team leader after reaching Tacloban: “The faces of the people look completely blank – like zombies. The damage is 10 times beyond the earthquake. Debris is piled everywhere and the smell of death is unavoidable. All the government offices are wiped out, nowhere to turn for protection. The military only to be found at the airport. Here they are in the worst need.”

AMURT has sent a team to survey the damage in the northern Cebu Province and a team to survey Tacloban on a specially charted ship. Consequently teams were sent to the surveyed areas to deliver food for the suffering.

At present AMURT has a permanent base in Cebu and temporarily established another in the damaged city hall in Tacloban.

AMURT has started distributing cooked food in both areas to thousands of people.

Your support is very much needed at this hour. Foundation Emanuele Antola will send 100% of the funds collected to the emergency relief work of AMURT.

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AMURT in the Philippines
22 B. Evangelista St.
Xavierville 1 Subd.
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
For details visit the website.

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