Flood control in rural Thailand

“The project Ananda Shyama Master Unit was established 30 years ago. For many years it served as a children’s home serving kids sent by the Thai Social Welfare Department from the streets of Bangkok. Over the years we have planted many kinds of fruits amongst the jungle trees. Each year we harvest these fruits and this brings some income for regular maintenance of the property. The harvests and also the sales price of the fruits, however, can vary from year to year, and so the project often has to depend on donations in order to survive.” – Didi Ananda Mahima (project manager for 20 y)

The September 2021 rains were extremely heavy and eroded the river banks all the way up to the entry road to the property. The project needs urgent help to dig the river bed in a way that the erosion does not continue and destroys the road.

The total budget of this work is US$4,000. The Foundation is contributing US$1,000 and we encourage other donors to contribute the rest of the amount so that this project can continue serving the underprivileged kids in the area.

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