Drinking water for a school in Bissiri, Burkina Faso

* “The Ananda Marga school of Bissiri has now 330 kids, tree nursery, etc. There is a need for water all the time. We have a bore whole within the school with a manual pump but water being so deep in it, it is hard to pump, among other it makes the watering of our trees very difficult, sometimes impossible during the dry and hot season. We have a motorized (solar powered) bore whole at 800 meters, within the MU, it has a lot of water and a water tower. The project is to install a tank in the school connected to that bore whole in order to store water within the school compound.  In this way we will have access to stored water for all our needs in our growing school. So the project’s activities will be 1) build a cement elevated platform (1.5 meter high), getting a poly-tank of 5m3, connect this new tank to the MU’s water tank through a 800 m long pipeline.” – Dada Padmeshananda (Project director)

Foundation Emanuele Antola provided US$1,000 to install the tank and system in the picture below

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