Supporting a School in the Philippines

The AMSAI school located in Davao Del Sur needs support renovating its building which serves underprivileged children. The building has 3 classrooms for pre-school and 6 classrooms for Elementary. At the end of 2019 the building was heavily affected by an earthquake. The pandemic had also a great impact in the school functioning with reduced attendance and resources.

To overcome its present crisis the school needs support to improve its infrastructure and continue serving the local population.

The school has been accredited with the Department of Education since 2006 and the curriculum provides varied activities to maintain a harmonious balance between academic guidance, creative expression, and inner growth to develop the highest potentials in a child.


Foundation Emanuele Antola has contributed to this project which has been included in our Microdonations program.

Kids at AMSAI Digos (Philippines)
Art at AMSAI Digos (Philippines)

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