Abha Light Foundation in Kenya

Abha Light Foundation started serving the Kenyan communities in 1998 with affordable, alternative and naturopathic medicine. Currently there are four major clinics and several smaller clinics around the country run by the Kenyans that were trained by ALF. The Kambimawe village clinic is the largest with 4 practitioners and a lab tech serving the community. In 2021 Foundation Emanuele Antola donated a microscope for the lab and natural remedies for the pharmacy.

This project was part of our Microdonations program. We enjoy giving funds to small projects around the world. We love when we hear that they were able to make small but useful improvements to their services with our small funds. We believe small projects value every dollar they receive and use it very efficiently. That is the inspiration behind our Microdonations program.

You can help it by supporting our program with more funds so we can help more small projects around the world.

Microscope donated by Foundation Emanuele Antola to Abha Light Foundation
Natural and Homeopathic Medicines at the Abha Light Foundation in Kenya
Abha Light Kambimawe clinic in Kenya

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