A Solar Blood Bank for Nigeria

Uloanwu Health Center opened in August 2018 in a mud-block structured started by the community and completed with the help of AMURT. Uloanwu was selected among the communities applying, due to its interior and remote location, the number of maternal mortalities documented, and the community commitment, as demonstrated by their initiative to construct their own building.  Since then, the health center has constructed large new hospital building and spacious staff quarters. All labor and sand for the construction has been done by the community. An ambulance has been based at Uloanwu Health Center since December 2018.  To date Uloanwu Health Center has had over 1200 births. 

With the completion of staff quarters and upgrade of new operating theater, from 1st July 2021, Uloanwu Health Center has been upgraded to secondary hospital with a resident doctor and laboratory scientist, two midwives and a staff of over 20.   The operating table for the new theater was purchased with the help of a grant from Antola Foundation made last December. 

Since the upgrade, Uloanwu Health Center has conducted 26 cesarean sections. Emergency Obstetric care requires blood to be on available to go into surgery.  We also get cases of post partum hemorrhage that requires blood.  The health center also sees cases of malaria, accidents, other cases that require blood transfusions. 
So far, we have been supplying blood from Abakaliki, a journey of 60 minutes in the dry season and up to 90 minutes in the rainy season, when the muddy roads slow the movement of the vehicles.   A blood bank would will allow the health center to source blood locally and store blood for emergencies.  It will cut delays and save lives. 


  • Shipping – US to Abakali $232
  • 12 volt portable blood bank fridge $708
  • 150 watts solar panel $124
  • 12 volt 100ah Smart lifepo4 battery + accessories $442
  • Installation $62
  • TOTAL $1,568
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